The Mustang car was a very famous and luxurious car envied by many wealthy individuals. Its physical appearance was immaculate. The impression was one of the main reasons many people opted to go for the Mustang vehicle. This car gave a sense of belonging back then. In a very gentle way, it uplifted the social status of the owners. The Mustang car was among the best luxurious vehicles one could wish to have. We look at the 1973 Mustang Mach 1 and the 1973 Mustang Grande from a very close perspective.

For those that loved to be associated with luxurious automotive and assets, the Mustang car was the best option. The kind of feeling that is related to this car model was sensational. It gave so many reasons why one should own this particular car model. We keenly compare the 1973 Mustang Mach 1 and the 1973 Mustang Grande. We look at their strengths their appearances both on the exterior and on the interior as well.

1973 Mustang Mach 1 Overview

This car model was among the first generation Mustang cars back then. It came with impressive specifications that made people love it. The appearance itself, both in the interior and exterior, was incredible. This car model had a two-door coupe making it more luxurious. It had 2+2 seats that were very comfortable, giving an incredible feeling of enjoying a Mustang Mach ride. This model car also had a streamlined body with a well-customized upfront engine.

Ford was the engine manufacturers for this car model. It is very crucial to note that the car had the engine front positioned. People chose the car model because of its specifics and not because of the appearance. The engine was potent compared to other Mustang car models. The car engine made the car model outstanding among the Mustang car models.


The engine was mighty and one with very high performance. Thus, the car model is categorized under muscle cars (Hemmings, 2005). The front positioned engine had overhead valves 2 per cylinder. It means that the car engine had a total of 16 valves. The engine was able to deliver power output to the wheels basing on the fact that it had a 3-speed automatic gear. Thus, the transmission of the power output to the wheels was a success.

On the economic part, the car model used water as the only coolant. For this reason, it became economical and efficient to use. The car model consumed fuel as the energy source. Its fuel tank could take 5.8 liters of power which was essential to pump up its engine. The car engine was also efficient in its displacement (Mustangandfords, 2021).


There was more than the eyes met when choosing this model. The fancy luxurious car model pleased the eyes of many people. One of the reasons is because it had a two-door coupe body style, a good design that was quite a thing in the automotive industry. Its length of around 4923 mm also played a massive role in contributing to its fantastic design and shape. The fancy design contributed to making the car model look very fancy and classical. Generally, the Mustang Mach car model was one ideal car to have. It was well-suited for those who often got worried about the social class in society.

Driving such a vehicle gave those who owned it a particular style just for high and mighty. Although it was favored, it did not have many competitors, making it stand out among the other car brands. Being able to impress in the automotive world specifically requires aesthetics in both the interiors and exterior design. The car offered a particular taste and time was impressive based on the scale of its association with the top models in the market at the time,

This car model also has an incredible mechanical stature which makes it stand out from the rest. It can have a maximum power output of about 175ps, 173 bhp,129 kW at around 4400rpm. These mechanical aspects for the first generation of these mustang cars were very massive and gave people fewer options. They became ideal, and many rich people considered the 1973 Mustang Mach 1 a must-have vehicle.

1973 Mustang Grande Overview

Like the 1973 Mustang Mach 1, this car model was also considered excellent by a group of wealthy people. The main reason for this is because it was a luxurious car and matched their social class. In simple terms, in the mid-90s, this car model was the best-desired car by extravagant people. It also has both the appearance specifications and the general car model specifications were preferred by most wealthy people (Hemmings, 2005).


Its design may be considered the critical aspect many people assumed. Its impressive finishing made it appeal to new customers who fancied a mustang enhanced look. Although it borrowed much of its design from its predecessors, it still stood out as a classic car for most Mustang lovers. However, to be precise, people opted for this car model because of its appearance.
This car model’s appearance, both in the interior and outside, gave a sensational feeling. The feeling was to both the lovers of this car model and the owners. It had a unique design because it used a hard rooftop called Vinyl, mainly covered in deluxe (Hemmings, 2005). At that particular time, this made the car look more luxurious and please many people’s eyes. The hard rooftop of Vinyl matched well with its streamlined body and the two-door body style.

There was much more on the appearance side of this car model; as stated earlier, everything from the exterior to the interior of this car model was just impressive. The wheels were covered in a deluxe manner with rims that enhanced its classic look. The rims design led to increasing the chances of pleasing the eyes and making this car model appearance outstanding. Everyone loved this model at that particular period. Because of these appearance specifications, the Ford Company, which are the engine manufacturers, made the highest sales ever. The inside was a roses bed that attracted every car lover looking for an extensive interior design polished with an executive look. The interior of the car filled it with wooden materials almost all over.

Highlight Features

The brown color of the wood made it even more fascinating. An excellent way smoothened and made to express that refined look. The inside looked more beautiful and matched the outside of this car model that left nothing to chance. Another thing that made people choose this car model over others as far as the appearance is concerned was the sound-deadening materials carefully assembled by the Mustang engineers.

Having used excellent material to build the interior and the exterior, it is not surprising that this model stands among the best car models ever produced by the company. The deluxe wheels covers and the hard roof made the car look more lovely. The wheel’s design made everything attractive about this car model.


This car model was an update of the previous models. The engine specifications did not have a mountainous difference. Some of the things had only a slight change, while others had massive changes. These are the things that made a real difference compared to other models (Mustangandfords, 2021). One significant thing to note is that this car model came with an engine option that the buyers could choose. The engine option made it very convenient for the buyers and potential buyers of this car model. The engine option was one of the key strengths that this model provided.

A combination of the Vinyl hard roof, the fancy seat covers, deluxe wheel covers, and even the interior wooden material design is irresistible. It makes everything about it fancy. Decision-making becomes simple. Simple for those who, in most cases, value the appearance of the car model. These people who appreciate the car model’s appearance tend to forget its specifications and focus more on its various designs.

Specification table

Mustang Mach 1Mustang Grande
Engine– 302 cu in (4.9 L) Windsor V8, 2-barrel Autolite 2100, F-Code
– 351 cu in (5.8 L) Cleveland V8, 2-barrel Autolite 2100, H-Code
– 351 cu in (5.8 L) Cleveland CJ V8, 4-barrel Autolite 4300D, Q-Code
250ci inline six-cylinder,V-8s-302 two-barrel, 351C two-barrel, or 351C four-barrel
Power output (net)
175ps, 173bhp,129kW @4400rpm141bhp, 143ps, 105kW @ 4000rpm
Valves16 valves, 2valves in every cylinderOverheated valve with eight cylinders
Energy Fuel,5.8LFuel 4.9l

Pros and Cons Comparison

The pros and cons of these two car models are based on the appearance and specifications. The issue concerning the efficiency and economic part of it is the critical reference. The Mustang Mach 1 has an added advantage of its superiority with the engine specifications. The car model uses fuel with 5.8 L displacement and water as the only coolant. For an economist, this would be an ideal car model to go for than the Mustang Grande. Another advantage of this Mustang Mach 1 is that the engine can deliver power via a smooth transmission because it has a 3-speed automatic gear (Hemmings, 2005).

Focusing on the Mustang Grande car model, it has a considerable advantage in its appearance. It is significant to those people who have much care for the social class and consider appearance too. The appearance of this is charming and very unique. The appearance pleases many people on the exterior part of it and the interior portion of this model. The hard rooftop of Vinyl or cloth material is very outstanding and gives it a very stunning look. The stunning look is very advantageous because the appearance would please many people. People who would love to purchase this Car Model would be glad for its appearance. In the first generation, because Ford made massive records from its sales like never before.

The main disadvantage of these two-car models is very common to both and even to most car models. Car models, in most cases, get outdated and therefore don’t please the eyes anymore. When there is a new model or even an advancement of a specific car model, it gets outdated. With all the excellent appearance of these two and the specifications, they got outdated, and people who loved and liked them opted for other models. The love for car models never becomes long-lasting and gets out of date very quickly and so fast.

Price Comparison

The Mustang Mach 1 price is approximately $45,440, while that of the Mustang is around $25,274. The Mach is expensive than the Grande because of their different specifications, more so on the engine part.


On the close look at all the things that these two car models bring, settling on the Mustang Grande wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. At the same time, basing on the fact that the models meet the eyes and please consumers. The implication is because of the ideal specifications that the engine has. Deciding on the Mustang Grande is a straightforward thing. Only when you once, you look keenly at what the two car models bring to the table.

The Mustang Grande is far much better than the Mustang Mach 1. The verdict is not because of anything else but because of its appearance. The ability to be a sporty car is because of its deluxe wheels. Also, interior and exterior design play a huge role in decision-making. The Mustang Mach 1 is even better when comparing the two engine capabilities, and a simple decision is for the Mustang Grande.